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Fire Sprinkler  Installations:

•        Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems   
•        Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems  
•        Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems  
•        High Pile and Rack Storage Fire Sprinkler Systems  
•        Underground Fire Service and Fire Hydrants
•        Engineering and Design (Auto Cad 2000)
•        Fire Pumps and Control Panels
•        Tenant Improvements
Fire Sprinkler Services:

•        Quarterly and Annual Inspections
•        5 year Inspections
•        Repairs and Maintenance Programs
•        Fire Pump testing and service
•        Backflow Prevention Device certification
•        Consultation and Preliminary Design
Please contact the following for assistance with your fire
sprinkler needs or questions:

Vice President -
Sprinklers Division
Kevin Debelle
Engineering – Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Engineering – Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Engineering -  Residential Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler

At A&B Fire Protection and Safety, Inc., our fire sprinkler  engineering  department is fully automated and able to receive your CAD drawings via email at   plans@abfirepro.com for quick estimating or design.

Our large well-trained installation department will complete your job professionally and quickly to eliminate costly delays on your project.

We are fully capable to handle any size or type of job presented to us including residential, commercial, industrial, storage and rack systems, pre-action systems, Inergen and FM-200 clean agent systems.